Welcome to the Cape Breton Miners Museum

Situated on one of the most picturesque coasts of Cape Breton Island, on  a 15-acre site filled with wild roses and grasses, the Cape Breton Miners Museum pays tribute to the region’s long and rich history of coal mining. It  is home to profound stories of miners and their families, and the resource that helped build a nation. The Museum is also home to the famous choir of miners – The Men of the Deeps. Plan a visit to the Museum where you can join a retired mine guide for an underground mine tour, browse the modern exhibits and stroll through our historic village. Complete your visit with a delicious home cooked meal at the Miners Village Restaurant.

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We will be closed for Labour Day on September 3, 2018.


  • “WOW ! Just Plain WOW !”
    5 of 5 stars Reviewed 31 October 2014 Trip Advisor
    The mine tour with Eric Spencer (retired after 55 years in the mines) was eye opening. His stories were fascinating, informative as well as humorous. I'd never been in a coal mine and this was an education. Thought I was in pretty good shape until the mine ceiling got down to 42 inches and I had to duck walk a ways. Really brought home what those miners had to tolerate during their 12 hour shifts. His stories of the mine owners' brutality toward the workers, many 10 years old, were unbelievable...........and I thought the treatment of miners in West Virginia & Pennsylvania were bad.

    Visited October 2014 -
  • From Sept 19 - Oct. 4 my wife and I had a 16 day driving tour of the Maritimes. I planned many tourist sites - literally 1 or 2 a day for our holiday from St. Andrews,N.B. - Glace Bay and countless points in between. The highlight in terms of staffing was our time at the Miner's Museum - specifically a tour down under with Abbie. For an hour and a half he entertained us (8 in our group), educated us and thrilled us. He is an amazing asset and as someone who loves history, learning & life experiences - I did not meet a soul who is such an incredible presenter. I am a lively, entertaining teacher (40 years) and I was enthralled with Abbie's 'gift of the gab' and so was my wife ! He was our #1 highlight of our trip & made our understanding of your museum & the life & work of coal miners A+ complete. Well Done Abbie and thank you for your time & talents.

    Love & thanks Peter & Robin Bull
    - Peter and Robin Bull
  • To go miles out under the ocean floor and to enjoy learning about the life of a miner is amazing. If visiting Cape Breton you definitely should take the tour you will definitely enjoy it. - Trip Advisor Comment , Visitor 2012
  • Solid lunch after visiting the coal mine. Chicken pot pie special was particularly superb. Home made pastry and filling. This place was right by the Miners' Museum which was definitely a highlight of our Cape Breton trip. - Miners Village Restaurant - Trip Advisor Comment , 2014 Visitor
  • What a great experience. Sheldon was our guide for the underground mine tour and he has great tales to tell! - Trip Advisor Comment , 2014 Visitor