Village Undergoes Major Renovation

The 2014 visitor season highlights a renovated Village. By restoring the homes in which the miners lived, the full picture of a coal miner’s life in 1850 is revealed. “People couldn’t believe they lived this way,” says museum tour guide Wish Donovan. “How hard they worked and how proud they were of what they had, even though they didn’t have very much.” Two families lived under one roof. They cooked on a wood stove and did nearly everything by hand – a lifestyle people find fascinating today.

The Miner’s Village portion of the Museum closed three years ago and through dedicated efforts of the Board, Executive Director and supporters, the exhibit has sprung to life!
“Visitors want to get in and see the company store and company house and before now, every time you would stroll through the Village, you would see tourists with their heads peeked in the windows,” says Executive Director Mary Pat Mombourquette.

The Museum is now asking for volunteers to tell the coal miners’ stories. Interested people can contact the Museum through the new website or by phone.